History of Eagle Co-Op

EAGLE Co-op was founded by Nancy Ziese and Janae England on 09-01-1995. They wanted to offer non-traditional, biblical worldview education that was missing from the public school, as well as provide an option for anyone who believed in their mission to offer school choice. Back then, this was more unconventional and there were few non-traditional options. For them to coordinate this was monumental. EAGLE Home School Co-op was designed to provide cooperative and group learning experience for our Northern Nevada homeschool community.

Founded in 1995, Eagle Co-Op’s goal is to provide the greater Reno area with an alternative way to school their children. Eagle Co-Op brings together families that meet online, at local venues and local parks for learning and friendship. During the school year we meet for two semesters for both in person and online classes along with field trips and park playdates. During our summer months we host monthly park dates so our families and potential families can spend time enjoying the great outdoors together.

We are open to any homeschool family in the greater Reno/Sparks and surrounding area and especially enjoy helping new homeschool families connect and navigate homeschooling.

What is EAGLE CO-OP?

· We are Christian homeschool families that have joined together to share in the education of our children.

· EAGLE CO-OP provides an opportunity for homeschool children to experience learning in a group atmosphere.

· Eagle Co-op is a supplement to your own homeschool program, it is not meant to be the only curriculum you use. Is religion involved? Yes. What religion? EAGLE was founded by and is comprised of Christian families. EAGLE represents homeschoolers from a variety of Christian backgrounds. This is both a blessing and a challenge as there is a range of beliefs held under the label of “Christian.” This means we have a wide range of worship expressions, variations in understanding on some practices, and expectations of what Christian living looks like within our co-op which needs to be properly respected and honored. Despite the challenges diversity brings, there is also a huge blessing, as EAGLE is a visible reminder that God Is the ultimate authority, and we are merely humble servants and children, seeking to honor their king.

·  Who can join EAGLE CO-OP?

EAGLE CO-OP does not require potential members be of the Christian faith to join. However, it’s important for potential members to understand that Christian practices, such as prayer and reading from the Bible, are a part of our weekly program. ALL teaching at EAGLE CO-OP, both in and out of the classroom, is biblically based and encourages personal growth through faith in Jesus Christ. All members of EAGLE CO-OP, from youngest to oldest, are taught and encouraged to uphold biblical and moral lifestyle standards as outlined in the Bible

·  Who is on the board?

Only members who have accepted eternal life through verbal confession of their belief in the redeeming salvation of Jesus Christ and are in complete support of EAGLE CO-OP’s Statement of Faith, are allowed to serve as teachers or considered for appointment to EAGLE’S Board of Directors.

· For more information about Eagle Co-Op please use the 'FAQ'S' or 'Contact Us' pages.