Reno Air Races Stem Zone & More!

Date – Time

Field Trip – 9:15 AM

Age Restriction

5 y/o–Adult 20+ y/o


4895 Texas Ave
Reno, NV 89506 US
We will have a group meeting point in the parking lot at 9:15 AM where I will pass out your entrance bracelets.

The EXACT location/address will be emails out the week before the event.

Additional Information

Come to the Reno Air Races with Eagle Co-op on Sept 14th @ 9:30 AM

9:15AM meeting time in the parking lot at the races.  Parking is FREE, the field trip is $1 per person 5 years and older (even adults) anyone 4 years and younger is free! 

We have bee granted field trip access to the races!  Everyone 5 and older MUST have a ticket to enter. Due to our ticket allowance this field trip slots are limited.

Entrance to the STEM Zone allows you to enjoy the rest the Air Races have to offer once our group field trip is over so you can plan to stay all day if you wish.  I am not sure of the offical time, but plan to be in the parking lot by 9:15am.

Deadline has been extended to sign-up. You can pay onilne anytime before the event or cash at Parent Orienation and Day of.


The 2022 GRADD-NVBAA STEM Education Discovery Zone will feature:

  • Advanced flight training on flight simulators
  • 3D printing display area with several large 3D prints, including
    • F-22, F-86, A-10, SR-71, Mars Rover, Saturn V Rocket, Darth Vader, The Allegiant Stadium, Colosseum (Rome), Notre Dame Cathedral and more
  • Aviation & Rocket picture booth
  • Reno Air Races table-top mural
  • A Tesla coil to demonstrate wireless transfer of electricity by having a light bulb lowered to near proximity of a Tesla coil using a programmed motorized crane. The light bulb lights up when close to the Tesla coil for a visual confirmation of wireless energy.
  • Paper airplane competition with prizes
  • Official STEM Discovery Zone Reno Air Races Pilot Guide – 12 Page Full Color Booklet
  • Two Augmented Reality Apps (iOS & Android) for digital treasure hunts at the 2022 Reno Air Races. Search and find digital aircraft flying around the Reno Air Races!

GRADD and NVBAA’s joint mission is to empower the next generation of Nevada’s STEM workforce and to educate Nevada’s youth through applications of the latest technology and teach critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through collaborative, hands-on projects and workforce training initiatives. Thanks to these organizations, students from all across Nevada, northern California and southern Utah, school administrators, teachers, parents, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Civil Air Patrol Cadets will get to experience a rich STEM-oriented aviation education and learning zone.


Signup is currently closed.

The Signup Deadline for this event was 9/13/2022 – 8:00 PM PST

Email the Event Coordinator