Reno Fire House Tour

Date – Time

Field Trip – 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Grade/Age Restriction

3 y/o–9 y/o


Steamboat Fire House

Steamboat & Veterans

Additional Information

Steamboat Fire House Field Trip!

All attendees MUST be 3 or older, max for the tour is 25 including adults. As we have a Courthouse tour for older kids right now this field trip is for ages 3-8 only. We will schedule another field trip for older students.

Due to the fact this will be at an active firehouse are field trip is not 100% garenteed they will do their best but if they recieve a call they will need to go or if they were out all night on a calls they may ask us to reschedule the morning of.

Our numbers for this field trip max at 25 that includes adults so we are hoping to keep the parents capped at 5 and let 20 students have a fun field trip. I'm awating the finalized time and date we should know by Mon 3/6 the exact time and location.