Fall Semester Poll

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Hey Eagle Families,

It's time to start planning for fall!  I know it seems early but we like to get it organized so fall registration and planning goes smoothly.  Please take a few moments to fill out this poll so the Board can plan ahead.

  First we will be asking about classes you'd like to see repeated, followed with a section about desired classes. PLEASE make sure to list the ages you are requesting for each class idea.

The last section will be a potential teacher poll-- if you are wanting to teach this fall or willing to discus the possibility with a board member mark yes and we will get in touch the next few weeks!  Thanks everyone!

Eagle's Board


Please Provide your Name and Email adress

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Is your family planning on taking classes with Eagle this fall?

Yes we are No, not this semester

What classes would you like to see offered again this fall semseter?  Please mark as many as you'd like!

If the class was not offered for the ages you want please add it to the next section as a potential class.

Use your Ctrl & Shift keys to select multiples.

What class ideas would you like to see Eagle offer this fall?

Please write the age range by each class title. We need the age range to plan!

This is the spot to add a class we offered before but you'd like to see for a different age.

The Next Section if for anyone wanting to teach this fall. If you are not interested please just mark 'NO' on the next section and you're done.

If you are willing to teach please fill out the next set of questions so we can plan.

FALL Semester will be 11 weeks!  First Day of Classes Sept 7th going straight through to Nov 16th

(the week before thanksgiving)

Potential Teachers are 100% allowed to miss a week or two just let us know ahead of time and we will makes sure to have a game plan for a sub.

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Would you be willing to Teach a class This fall for Eagle?

Yes No

What age range would you like to teach?

Select as multipe if you are comfortable in a variety of age ranges. we have overlaped the ranges on purpose.  We can filanize your age range when creating your class!

Use your Ctrl & Shift keys to select multiples.
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Would you like help planning the class or finding a curriclum to teach from?

Help please I got it covered

Please list class ideas you'd like to teach